Islamic Canvas Art - Enhance Your Space with Arabic Calligraphy and Beautiful Paintings

Islamic Canvas Art - Enhance Your Space with Arabic Calligraphy and Beautiful Paintings

When someone talks about Arabic calligraphy, the first thing that comes to mind is Islamic Canvas Art. It's hard to believe that there are educated and conscientious people who don't at least have a command of Arabic calligraphy. Traditionally, people regard Arabic calligraphy as an ornament for their own home or as something sacred. However, almost no one thinks creatively and takes Arabic Calligraphy Canvas Art among the options they might consider as a gift for someone. The idea is not new. However, it is certainly unique and not very familiar.

That said, not many people realize that the art of calligraphy can gift to the people you love and care about. This is because we often think about what would look unique and elegant but is within our budget and we fail to match the budget and uniqueness of a gift we are looking for with the Modern Islamic Canvas Art being right there before our eyes. We overlooked the possibility that Arabic calligraphy could serve as the perfect gift. 

The best thing about Arabic calligraphy is that it is not as restrictive as it first appears. It's not just about Arabic sayings and Quranic verses. They are indeed as good an option as any when choosing Modern Islamic Art as your home decor option. It is always peaceful to have a piece of Arabic Calligraphy Canvas Art in the living room or on the table, especially when the artwork contains Islamic wisdom for people to learn from. That's not all, however, where Calligraphy begins and ends. 
Here are some details about popular scripts that are used in Arabic Calligraphy.


Riq'a is the most commonly used Modern Islamic Calligraphy Art today. It is plump and densely built with short horizontal stems. The letter Alif (the first letter of the Arabic alphabet) is never write with dots. Riqa is a popular Islamic Modern Wall Art used by calligraphers in different countries, who continually perfected it and contributed to its popularity today. 

Diwani Islamic Canvas Art

If Riqa was commonly uses in the Ottoman Empire, Diwani was the idea of ​​Ottoman calligraphers. At the end of the 15th century, a calligrapher of Persian and Turkish origin, Ibrahim Munif, created Diwani. The most striking feature of Diwani is its decorative diversity. The letter spacing is for decoration. Diwani is very preferred to write about imperial palaces as a Modern Islamic Calligraphy Art.

Diwani Islamic Canvas Art


Kufi is a very angular script. Its square shape gives it a unique look. It developed soon after the founding of Basra and Kufat, two cities in what is now the Middle East. Its main use was religious. Perhaps this was due to Kufi's geometric construction, which does not limit it to strict rules. Therefore, Kufic calligraphers can experiment in their way with this Arabic Calligraphy Canvas Art


Along with Kufi, Naskh is one of the earliest scripts used in Arabic calligraphy Canvas Art. It is one of the few scriptures suitable for the Koran. Naskh is easy to read and write. These qualities have helped spread writing, from calligraphers' arcades to the general public. Naskh is write with short horizontal stems. The curves are deep, the letter spacing is correct, and the vertical depth and height are almost the same. 

Taliq Islamic Canvas Art

Taliq is most commonly known as Nastaliq.. It is commonly uses to write Persian and Urdu, languages ​​whose spelling is based on the Arabic alphabet. While Nastaliq is uses extensively in Muslim literature and jewelry, it will be difficult to find in the Qur'an.

Taliq Islamic Canvas Art

Islamic Painting

The art of Islamic painting combines beautiful artistic designs with soothing colors such as Persian blue, patterns and sometimes Islamic writing in mixed media, also called Arabic Calligraphy Canvas Art, paintings, to elevate the mind of the viewer. One of the most popular types of calligraphy is watercolor calligraphy.

In Islam, it is not common to draw very detailed faces. However, the idea that it is ban is also a misconception. For example, in the miniature of Persia, as far as the details are concerned. Most of the details of the human face are also visible. However, it can said that Muslims find it difficult to detail the faces of religious leaders, including the Prophet, possibly due to idolatry.

So they usually don't paint the face of the Prophet or the angels but paint the light instead. You can see Islamic Canvas Art for Sale on our website. You can buy Islamic Art on Stretched Canvas as a gift for your beloved one at any event. 

Genuine Oil Painted Wall Art 

The walls of every home are a potential gallery to display the owner's favorite art. The options for what to put on the walls of any room are almost endless, but framed poster prints and other pictures you can think of aren't the only affordable option.This type of tapestry is something that will enhance the look of any room you decorate. The walls of a family room, guest room, or any room in a home or office will look more sophisticated and upscale Islamic Home Decorf Canvas. 

Oil Painted Wall Art
The Large Islamic Canvas Art is generally accessible to very wealthy or corporate clients and is now within everyone's reach, and genuine handmade oil paintings can be placed on the walls of any room in your home for a fraction of what you would expect. But now things have changed. There are many options for Islamic wall art we offer which are affordable yet high-quality oil paintings. We offer Islamic Oil Paintings on Canvas, which have better quality. The work of talented artists working under contract to create the pieces makes this possible, and now the walls of your home too can be adorned with the beauty of Handmade Islamic Canvas Art


Dimensional Quality of Islamic Wall Art 

Colors and styles vary and can select from a list of options that also includes many replicas of famous works of Islamic Wall Art Canvas. Imagine the look and dimensional quality of a piece of Modern Islamic Canvas Art. These iconic Islamic Canvas Art Ideas can be part of the decor of your private space and in the form in which they were designed to be seen, dimensionally rich, and full of depth. Color choices and the luxurious feel of real canvas can bring a piece of Handmade Islamic Canvas Art that is worth choosing. It's not just a print, not just a flat image. It's a real hand-pain work of art, and that difference shines through every time it catches the eye. See the difference real oil paintings on canvas can make to the pictures you love. 

You all have a choice on an art theme, where a landscape painting would look great on an open wall where everyone can see it, you can choose a painting Still life painting, or an abstract painting to hang on the wall in the corner. Using unique collectibles themed with fruit, cheese, or cooking in still life is a great choice for mounting in the kitchen. Kitchens were created to prepare food and support families, so these Islamic Canvas Wall Hangings can turn out to be particularly appetizing.

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