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Modern Islamic Wall Art for Wall of Every Muslim Home

The decoration of your home should reflect you. Your home reflects your personality, beliefs, and unique Muslim identity. Islam is a way of life, so are there many rules and regulations that you need to follow. When creating a Muslim home? Some basic Islamic decorating rules are to followed by Muslim or Muslim home decor designers. These rules are guidelines to help you create a peaceful, happy, and safe space with messages from Allah SWT.  Each religion has its heritage in the way it influences art. Modern Islamic Art reflects cultural and religious beliefs through a set of defined elements and various objects or drawings and paintings. On the other hand, religion also has its well-defined boundaries. And limits within which it allows the exercise  Islamic Modern Wall Art and creativity.

Islamic Modern Art is primarily associated with calligraphy used to write and adorn the Arabic text of the Holy Qur'an or to adorn the walls of mosques and the great architectural advances made by Muslim artists of yesteryear. However, this association is very limited as it does not fully define Islamic media and artistic expression. Islamic wall art includes fine art created by Muslims and non-Muslims living in areas. Inhabited or dominated by Islamic cultures since the 7th century.

In contrast, Islamic art encompasses various creative areas such as architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass, ceramics, and textiles. Modern Islamic art is not always limited to non-secular art but encompasses all artworks from the rich and diverse cultures of Muslim societies. It often consists of worldly factors and factors forbidden by some Islamic theologians. Calligraphy and Qur'an manuscript are important elements of Islamic wall decoration as the expression takes on a non-worldly and creative meaning. Islamic architecture, including mosques and palatial Gardens of Paradise, is also embedded with non-secular significance.

Here are different Modern Islamic wall arts that will make your home more precious and beautiful. Let’s discuss this in detail;

For Islamic Home Decorations Modern-Day Arabic Wall Art Design Ideas


This modern Islamic artwork is crafted from a stainless steel plate and depicts the "Shahadah", the key statement essential to establishing the faith as a Muslim. This "Shahadah" modern Islamic wall art is not only a beautiful piece of art for your own home. But also can be a great gift for others or a decoration in the mosque.

Alhamdulillah Table Top as Islamic Art 

As Muslims, we undoubtedly believe that when we thank Allah for giving us more than we deserve, Allah's blessings and mercies increase in our lives. Placing this tabletop piece of Islamic Modern Art in your living room will encourage you to say "Alhamdulillah", a constant reminder of how lucky you are.

Ayat ul Kursi

Ayat of Throne (Ayat-ul- Kursi)

Five prayers a day are a fundamental part of the Islamic lifestyle. In Muslim families, it is important to create a space/region for quiet and non-violent prayer. When decorating the area, the qibla should be considered. To prepare the room, consider adding a prayer rug, shawl, or basket for prayer clothes. For added convenience, install an ornate shelf on the wall for the Holy Quran and various Islamic books. Add some beautiful Islamic wall art, like Ayat-ul-kursi and four Quls. When you need some sparkles in the prayer room, add beautiful minimalist mosque fairy lights decorated with Islamic geometric patterns. 

The "Ayat of Throne (Ayat-ul- Kursi)" is recognized as one of the most significant verses of the Qur'an. And is one of the most prominent, praised, and gratified verses in the Holy Quran. This magnificent Modern Islamic Wall Art depicting the "Ayat of the Throne" will not only add beauty and a cultural aspect to your home but also invigorate your spirituality by reminding you of the great benefits of reciting Ayat-ul-kursi. This will be helpful for your grown-up kids to recite ayat-ul-kursi every time and stay away from evil eyes. As we are living in a Muslim society, some evil eyes affect our standard of living. However, if you want to secure your life as well as your family members, you should need to buy Modern Islamic Art

Bismillah Beginnings

This Modern Islamic Calligraphy Art depicting the "Bismillah" can be a very good reminder to begin everything you do in the name of Allah SWT and ask for his forgiveness and blessings. With its beautiful round form factor, you can place it anywhere in your home (dining hall, drawing room, bedroom, or kitchen). It will liven up the space with its beauty. This will help you to save yourself from any unexpected incident. 

God Bless This Home Horizon

If you are looking for a mural that depicts a beautiful Dua (Please) for you and your family. This mural will serve as a reminder to Allah SWT every time you or your guests read it to ask to bring blessings to your home.

Just because you can't post pictures of living creatures doesn't mean Islamic home decor has to be boring. Whether it's a bedroom, living room, or office, there are many ways to decorate the walls of your Muslim home. Hang Modern Art Islamic art featuring Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, Islamic architecture, Holy Quran verses like Ayatul Kursi or 4 Quls, inspirational typography or landscapes, modern wall art, and more.

Kalima Shahadat Horizon Islamic  Art

“Kalima Shahadat” is a representation of comprehensive recognition to begin a Muslim's faith. It is the basis of Islam. This magnificent piece of Islamic modern wall art will fill your home with its splendor or you can gift it to someone who will appreciate the unique geometric beauty that captures the message. You can gift it to anyone at any event such as marriages, birthdays, or many other events. That you want to surprise your beloved ones. 

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Place a Piece of Salam decoration at the Entrance

Salam is a unique Islamic greeting. Adding the Salam symbol as islamic modern wall art is a great way to reflect your beliefs about home decor. This is a good reminder to say salam when entering the home. To strike up a conversation when greeting guests.

Figurative Objects

The only rule to observe when designing an Islamic house is not to include figurative objects in the design plan. This means there should be no human or animal artwork, freestanding statues, or stuffed animals on furniture or fixtures. Instead, you can decorate it with abstract art, landscape scenes,  Modern Wall Art Islamic, and calligraphy art. 

Surround Your Home With Islamic Memories

Memories are very useful for believers, so decorate your home with modern Islamic art objects that will constantly remind you of the blessings of Allah and His Majesty. For example, place a deck of dua cards on the table and choose accessories with dhikr phrases like Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, and Allahu Akbar. To keep your tongue wet at each sight. These are phrases that make your life more beautiful and make your mind more peaceful in every situation of your life. We have all types of modern Islamic art that you want to buy for your home, offices, restaurants, hotels, airports, and many more. For getting more information about islamic modern wall art, its designs, or prices, you need to visit our website. 

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