Kid's Prayer Mats - Blue
Features: Holy Kaaba against a cute background with a pink or blue border. Soft cushioned cotton fabric. Measurements: 40 inches long & 24 inches wide. Handcrafted in Pakistan  
  • Blue
  • Pink
Bismillah Soup
A spinoff of the classic “Stone Soup” folktale, Bismillah Soup is a story about Hasan, a young Somali boy who ventures out to gather his community together for a great feast at the local Mosque! Ages 4+ 40 Pages, 8.5×11″...
Yasmine’s Belly Button
It’s Yasmine’s first day of school and she has butterflies in her tummy! Speaking of her tummy, what’s that little round thing on it called again? And what is it for anyway? Ages 3+ 36 Pages, 8.5×11″ soft-cover, perfect-bound  
$14.99 $10.99
One Hundred Ice Creams
Harun and Heba can’t wait to relax in their favorite park after a busy week at school. But after a bad experience on the crowded playground, the twins decide to explore a nearby forest instead. They find a different world...
Omar has taken something that doesn’t belong to him! His mistake is following him, even into his dreams. How will he make amends? Snatched is a colorful and rich story about telling the truth, and erasing bad deeds by doing good deeds! Ages 4+...
Mr. Gamal’s Gratitude Glasses
Mr. Gamal’s students are grumpy. He wishes he could help them look at their lives more positively! After a visit to the dollar store, an idea strikes Mr. Gamal like a bolt of lightning: Gratitude Glasses! Will these special spectacles...
Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud
Zaid is excited to go on a camping trip with his cousin Ahmed. Just as he’s getting his bag ready, he receives the news that Ahmed is sick and the camping trip is canceled. Disappointment sets in and Zaid’s day gets gloomier by the...
Ilyas and duck - Search for Allah
Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah is an adorable storybook for kids about a boy’s quest to find God. “Where is God?” is a question that any parent teaching their kids will one day have to answer. This book helps...
Ceramic Stone Coaster Set
Beautiful Mandala Design Coasters. Comes in a set of 6. Moisture absorbing ceramic surface with 4 inches diameter. Cork Backed for keeping surfaces scratch free. Easy to clean, just rinse it with water. Pretty colors and gorgeous designs to liven up your...
Home Sweet Home - US & PAK
Home Sweet Home in grey poster on thick durable matte paper. Great reminder of home. Perfect for any room or office. Enhanced Matte Paper Poster (in) Paper thickness: 10.3 mil Paperweight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²) Giclée printing quality Opacity: 94%...
Ilyas & Duck - Ramadan Joy
Fasting, good deeds, empathy oh boy! It’s a story about discovery and of Ramadan Joy! The month of Ramadan is here! It’s a special time of year. But, when on the morning of the first day of Ramadan Duck learns he...
Ilyas and Duck - A Zakat Tale
Ilyas understands the importance of giving Zakat. But Duck is too concerned about parting with his money. Will Ilyas succeed in convincing Duck why giving money to the poor and needy is necessary? Will Duck understand how giving Zakat also...
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