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Cotton Candy Sky CD

Cotton Candy Sky CD

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This ground-breaking album is true to Zain Bhikha’s unique sound with inspiring reminders of our Creator, featuring the following songs (in both Voice Only as well as Voice and Drums):

  1. Cotton Candy Sky
  2. The Monkey, The Cow and The Wolf [feat. Layana Kotwal]
  3. King of Madinah [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga & Khalid Belrhouzi]
  4. Ramadhan, We Are One
  5. Get Up Again [feat. Khalil Ismail]
  6. If I had a boat
  7. The Farewell Sermon
  8. The Stillness of the mosque
  9. Get up Again [feat. Alkebulaun]
  10. Dare to Believe [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga]
  11. See You Soon
  12. Everything Belongs to Allah

This is an awesome album by Zain Bhikha and is sure to delight listeners of all ages. The collection is also featuring 3 Zeebee Kids Songs.

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