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Zain Bhikha - 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

Zain Bhikha - 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

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The 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box set includes a Song Book, ‘the Best of’ CDs (in both Voice only as well as Voice and Drums) and a nostalgic cassette-styled USB, preloaded with all 30 songs and a video. Only 5000 individually numbered sets will be available globally.


As part of Zain’s 25th Anniversary, we have developed a limited edition box set. There were only 5000 units available for sale globally. Each individually numbered set will include the following 25 Year Anniversary products:

  1. Song Book which has the lyrics of all songs from the ‘Best of’ Album. Each song is accompanied by a bespoke piece of Artwork. This celebration of Creativity features 30 artists from around the world.
  2. ‘Best of’ CD, Voice only version
  3. ‘Best of’ CD, Voice and Drums Version
  4. A nostalgic Cassette-styled USB, preloaded with the Voice only and Voice and Drums versions of all 30 ‘Best of’ songs

This box set makes a perfect gift for any Zain Bhikha fan. Each book contains a unique number, located on the first page.

This box comes with a guarantee against any defects, upon receipt.

‘The Best of’ album has 30 of Zain’s best songs, curated over the past 25 years:

  1. Give Thanks to Allah
  2. Praise to the Prophet (PBUH)
  3. I Remember Your Smile
  4. Fortunate is He
  5. Eid-un Sa'Eid
  6. A is for Allah
  7. Wonderful World
  8. Mount Hira
  9. Our World
  10. Orphan Child
  11. Mountains of Makkah
  12. City of Medina
  13. Heart of a Muslim
  14. My Mum Is Amazing
  15. Slowly Slow
  16. Allah Knows
  17. Can't Take It with You
  18. Zamilooni
  19. Mum and Dad
  20. Who I Am
  21. One God
  22. First We Need the Love
  23. Someday
  24. Land of Revelation
  25. Ça C’est La Vie
  26. Hasbun'Allah
  27. The Passing Traveller
  28. Allah Made Everything
  29. Cotton Candy Sky
  30. Everything Belongs to Allah
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