The Best of Zain Bhikha CD
Description This CD contains the Voice and Drum versions of Zain Bhikha’s ‘Best’ songs, from the past 25 years. All songs have been remastered and have improved sound quality. Songs on this CD: Give Thanks to Allah Praise to the Prophet (PBUH)...
Cotton Candy Sky CD
Description This ground-breaking album is true to Zain Bhikha’s unique sound with inspiring reminders of our Creator, featuring the following songs (in both Voice Only as well as Voice and Drums): Cotton Candy Sky The Monkey, The Cow and The...
Zain Bhikha - 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set
The 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box set includes a Song Book, ‘the Best of’ CDs (in both Voice only as well as Voice and Drums) and a nostalgic cassette-styled USB, preloaded with all 30 songs and a video. Only...
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